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Bcaa Plus - 400g Raspberry
Bcaa Plus - 400g Raspberry
Product Code: 111 Muscle Care

Bcaa Plus - 400g Raspberry

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An excellent anti-catabolic preparation designed for comprehensive regeneration immediately after training. * It combines the most effective amino acids accelerating, irreplaceable in building lean muscle tissue.

By choosing BCAA Plus you gain *:
- fast and effective regeneration after training
- greater muscle gains
- maximum reduction of muscle protein breakdown processes
- quick muscle recovery after training
- greater endurance during exercise
- reduction of fatigue, depriving the motivation to act

Protein supplements are the basis of people supplementation professionally and amateurs practicing sports. For all those who want to accelerate post-workout regeneration and influence the rate of muscle mass growth, we recommend the highest-quality dietary supplement BCAA PLUS Muscle Care, which in addition to the branched chain amino acid complex also contains L-glutamine.

BCAA PLUS is in the form of a powder, so you can easily prepare a nutritious and effective drink. By using BCAA PLUS you will gain not only perfect muscles, but also reduce the negative impact of catabolic reactions on your muscles! *
How does BCAA PLUS work?

BCAA PLUS is an extremely powerful anabolic and anti-catabolic supplement that will provide you with a quick and harmonious development of your figure. * Thanks to a unique combination of a set of essential essential amino acids for the body of every athlete, i.e. L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine with L- with glutamine you will speed up post-workout regeneration to the maximum and you will achieve satisfactory training results in a short time!
Why is it worth using BCAA PLUS?

BCAA PLUS is primarily characterized by a composition that is extremely beneficial for the body of every athlete and contains a set of basic amino acids in perfect proportion. The highest quality of the product combined with the perfectly selected ratio of BCAA and L-glutamine is a guarantee of your success in sports!

The BCAA complex consists of three branched chain amino acids, which our body is unable to produce on its own, so we must ensure their adequate supply by using a properly composed diet. Taking BCAAs is the best possible way to avoid deficiencies of L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine, i.e. amino acids that determine the course of many biological processes and directly affect the protein synthesis processes and reduce the time needed for the regeneration and reconstruction of muscle proteins.

Unlike BCAAs, L-glutamine belongs to the group of endogenous amino acids that our body synthesizes itself, but in order to improve its operation, we cannot rely only on the effectiveness of biological processes, because L-glutamine performs a number of important functions.

L-glutamine deficiencies may prevent you from achieving training effects - this amino acid actively participates in the processes of building muscle proteins and directly affects your physical form, as it is responsible for increasing endurance and reducing body fatigue!

The use of BCAA PLUS will work for every workout. The preparation will be especially appreciated by people working on the development of muscles, including athletes of strength, body and strength and endurance sports, as well as amateurs of a sports lifestyle, who want to achieve the best training results and protect already developed muscles against degradation not only during intense training, but also during the reduction of excess body fat.

The combination of BCAA with L-glutamine will allow you to avoid the surprising anabolic effect and will make your muscles gain effective protection against catabolism! * In addition, supplementation of branched chain amino acids in combination with L-glutamine is a reserve source of energy that your body can reach for during extreme exercise .

* Effects depend on individual predispositions.