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BCAA G-Powder - 600g Black Currant
BCAA G-Powder - 600g Black Currant
Product Code: 100-51-4442128-20 UNS

BCAA G-Powder - 600g Black Currant

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UNS Supplements presents the BCAA G-Powder supplement, which allows you to enrich your daily diet with a complex of amino acids prepared in the form of a powder to prepare a tasty drink.

The product is a carefully selected composition of two extremely important active components - branched BCAA essential amino acids and endogenous L-glutamine . Each portion of the supplement contains as much as 10 g of amino acids that play an important role in the implementation of training aimed at shaping the figure and fitness development. The formula of the product is devoid of unnecessary additives to obtain the maximum concentration of active ingredients.

The combination of BCAA and L-glutamine in the form of one product is not a coincidence, but a well-thought-out solution in the context of supporting the body during periods of increased physical activity. The amino acid complex used affects nitrogen transport and its total balance , which may turn out to be valuable for the protection of muscle tissue against unwanted decomposition reactions. These, in turn, are an indispensable element of exhaustive training aimed at building muscle mass or reducing body fat. Therefore, BCAA G-Powder will prove to be a valuable support on the way to achieving each goal. It is also worth adding that both components are part of the muscle tissue . Therefore, it is difficult to deny their real participation in the process of modeling a muscular figure.

The product is recommended for every supporter of a varied diet and active lifestyle. Regardless of the current training period, the chosen goal or the type of discipline you are practicing, you can start supplementing with amino acids, which in the case of the preparation from UNS Supplements are available in extremely refreshing and thirst-quenching flavors. Decide for yourself the taste of your own support!

Find out about BCAA G-POWDER and check the benefits of comprehensive supplementation!

  1. Can this product be used by women?

The ingredients contained in BCAA G-POWDER are recommended equally for women and men who practice sports and care for a varied diet.

  1. How long will the entire package last?

The product with a weight of 600 g contains as many as 48 suggested servings, which allows for over a month of supplementation.

  1. In what sport is this supplement worth using?

Fans of any sports discipline can benefit from the regular use of BCAA G-POWDER. Due to their versatile application, amino acids will prove themselves in all types of physical effort and at any level of advancement.

Nutritional information

Active ingredients

Amount in the recommended daily portion (12.5 g)

L- glutamine

5 g


2.5 g

L- valine

1.25 g

L- isoleucine

1.25 g


L- glutamine, L - leucine, L valine, L- isoleucine, acidity regulator:

citric acid, flavor, sweetener: sucralose.

Number of servings