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The ASHWAGANDHA EXTRACT 7% supplement is capsules enriching the daily diet with high-quality ashwagandha herb extract.

Witania sluggish ( Withania somnifera) , also known as Indian ginseng , more often called ashwagandha, is a plant that is one of the popular ingredients of Ayurveda - traditional folk medicine that has been using its beneficial properties for decades. As a source of withanolides, it provides a comprehensive impact on the body in the period of increased psychophysical activity and in the case of long-term stress. Regular supplementation with a preparation from UNS Supplements provides as much as 21 mg of concentrated withanolides, which can be helpful on many levels.

Ashwaganda is largely beneficial to the health and function of the nervous system . The plant extract has been recommended for years to improve well-being . It will be perfect for a persistent feeling of weariness, distraction or plain physical fatigue, which may be the cause of a significant depression of mood. Ashwagandha can prove helpful for the brain during high levels of commitment and stress. Sluggish Vitiligo extract is also recommended as a plant component supporting the functioning of memory.

The supplement will be used by physically active people. The adaptogenic properties of ashwagandha will prove useful in increasing vitality , maintaining focus and as a form of support for the immune system . Plant extract can have a valuable effect on counteracting oxygen free radicals and reduce oxidative stress . Ashwagandha extract is repeatedly recommended to maintain the optimal condition and functioning of the liver , it can show toning properties and support the proper condition of the bones.

Discover the power of plants thanks to ASHWAGANDHA EXTRACT 7%!

  1. At what age is ashwagandha best used?

The adaptive properties of ashwagandha herb extract can be used equally by young, middle-aged and seniors. Its toning effect will work for everyone.

  1. Is ashwagandha recommended for people suffering from depression or neurosis?

The supplement from UNS Supplements has a relaxing and calming effect, which can have a beneficial effect on the current state of well-being and support mental health.

  1. Can this preparation be used by people with diabetes?

It is believed that ashwagandha may prove to be a valuable aid in maintaining normal sugar levels.

Nutritional information

Active ingredients                                    Amount in the recommended daily portion (1 capsule)

Ashwagandha extract 7%                        300 mg

including withanolides                              21 mg

Ingredients                                               Ashwagandha extract (Withania somnifera), fillers: cellulose,

                                                                 anti-caking agents: magnesium salts of fatty acids. Shell

                                                                 components: gelatin, color: titanium dioxide.

Number of servings                                 90