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Amino Energy - 30serv Watermelon
Amino Energy - 30serv Watermelon
Product Code: 111 Muscle Tech

Amino Energy - 30serv Watermelon

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Muscletech Platinum Amino + Energy 295g / 288g Essential Series - Pre and Intra Workout Supplement
Muscletech Platinum Amino + Energy 288g / 295g Essential Series new formula with improved dual effects of a pre-workout and intra-workout energy supplement. Muscletech Platinum Amino + Energy provides a better matrix of BCAAs with rapid absorption, a complex of other amino acids with results in cell volumization and recovery, a mixture of electrolytes to maintain muscle hydration and a complex to increase energy and performance.

Muscletech Platinum Amino + Energy Benefits and Effects:

- Maximizes muscle protein synthesis.
- Improves hormonal balance during intense workouts.
- It can be taken by men and women.
- Maximizes performance and delays fatigue.
- Improves insulin sensitivity.
- Improves muscle definition.
- Product without sugar and without carbohydrates.
- Of the few supplements that can be taken before and during training.
- Unbelievably appealing and delicious flavor.
- Product most sought after by American sportsmen.
How to take: As a sports supplement for high performance, mix a dosing spoon included with 250 to 330 ml of fresh water and take before and during training to maintain cellular and muscular hydration and increase performance.