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Amino DEX powder -192g mango-maraguja
Amino DEX powder -192g mango-maraguja
Product Code: 100-23-0682253-20 Yamamoto Nutrition

Amino DEX powder -192g mango-maraguja

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Yamamoto® Nutrition AminoDEX® POWDER is a food supplement made with essential amino acids of plant origin from Kyowa® Quality fermentation.

The characteristic of AminoDEX® POWDER is that it is derived from plant ingredients that make this amino acid pool considered of "pharmaceutical purity".

They are not peptides, they are free form amino acids that enter the blood stream and muscle much more quickly than any other protein source.

All this contributes to the marked improvement in the use of Nitrogen.
In addition, AminoDEX® POWDER contains the dipeptide L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine (Sustamine®), which brings additional value to the product.

Involved in the exchange of nitrogen between tissues and in the production and storage of glucose, it also plays a pivotal role in hydrating the muscle cell.
AminoDEX® POWDER is the latest model in Yamamoto® Nutriton food supplements. AminoDEX® POWDER is an innovative supplement with essential amino acids of vegetable origin obtained by the Kyowa® fermentation method.

The function of essential amino acids

If we wanted to vote for a basic supplement to help the processes of recovery and muscle reconstruction, amino acids would be promoted with top marks, so much so that we strongly wanted these "bricks" essential for synthesising new proteins, to be part of the stable Yamamoto Nutrition. First, let's consider what they do.
The most important nutrient to take after training to trigger recovery processes are proteins and in terms of "more metabolic" and ready, the most ideal choice for the body at that time are essential amino acids. These proteins are what is "looked for", what is "needed", they are simply essential for the synthesis of new proteins.
Just think that only 6 grams of essential amino acids can have a real effect on protein synthesis and we can apply that for each goal the athlete wants to pursue, from restrictive carbs diets to lose weight to diets ingesting multiple calories to build up muscle. The "plastic" activity takes place.

24 sachets
Mean analysis (Lemon Lime)
Per daily dose 1 sachet
 Per daily dose (1 sachet)
L-leucine (Kyowa Quality®)1200 mg
L-valine (Kyowa Quality®)800 mg
L-isoleucine (Kyowa Quality®)750 mg
L-lysine (Kyowa Quality®)715 mg
L-phenylalanine (Kyowa Quality®)645 mg
L-threonine (Kyowa Quality®)555 mg
L-methionine (Kyowa Quality®)350 mg
L-tryptophan (Kyowa Quality®)180 mg
L-alanyl-L-glutamine (Sustamine®)500 mg
Vitamin B61.5 mg (107% RI*)
*RI = reference intakes 

Ingredients: L-leucine (Kyowa Quality®), acidifier: citric acid; L-lysine hydrochloride (Kyowa Quality®), L-valine (Kyowa Quality®), L-isoleucine (Kyowa Quality®), L-phenylalanine (Kyowa Quality®), L-threonine (Kyowa Quality®), L-alanyl- L-glutamine (Sustamine®), maltodextrin, L-methionine (Kyowa Quality®), flavorings, stabilizers: sucrose esters of fatty acids, hydroxy-propyl-methylcellulose; L-tryptophan (Kyowa Quality®), anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide; sweetener: sucralose; pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), coloring: riboflavin.


Kyowa Quality®, KQ Logo and Sustamine® are registered trademarks of KYOWA HAKKO BIO CO., LTD.

How to use: add the contents of 1 sachet (8 g) in 250 ml of water, mix well and take once a day, before or after training.