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AlphaTECH - 500g Lemon
AlphaTECH - 500g Lemon
Product Code: 100-37-6630697-20 Yamamoto Nutrition

AlphaTECH - 500g Lemon

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Yamamoto® Nutrition AlphaTECH - hydrolysed salmon protein (ProGo®) dietary supplement with sources of marine proteins (Atlantic salmon) isolated by enzymatic means using a patented production process to give a product with exclusively natural amino acids, peptides and micronutrients.

Yamamoto® AlphaTECH® proteins are produced and assembled in Italy in the best factories that can guarantee compliance, safety according to the highest quality standards.
The development of AlphaTECH® is the result of the close collaboration between the Italian company Yamamoto® and the Norwegian company Hofseth BioCare®. ProGo® (hydrolyzed salmon protein) exclusively for Yamamoto® has allowed us to create a product with unique and unrepeatable characteristics IN ITALY IN THE BEST PHARMACEUTICAL FACILITIES.

What is the difference between AlphaTECH® and all other proteins on the market?
1 - Greater nitrogen retention. AlphaTECH® proteins have been shown to have 79% higher nitrogen retention than isolated whey proteins and 20% more than hydrolyzed whey proteins. The better the quality of the biological value and nitrogen retention of a protein source, the greater the response in terms of protein synthesis.
2 - Greater digestibility and absorption. AlphaTECH® is a protein hydrolyzate consisting of free form oligopeptides and amino acids, with a balanced amino acid composition and particularly similar to human tissues. In particular it contains about 627 peptides (MALDI-TOF analysis) which are made up of various classes of small oligopeptides and amino acids in free form. The hydrolyzed mixture of ALPHATECH® thus results in a "predigested" form, and is divided into 5 fractions of classes of peptides based on their weight and molecular size and high bioactive power with extraordinary biological properties: 110-1000 Dalton, 1000- 1500 Dalton, 1500-2000 Dalton, 2000-2500 Dalton and> 2500 Dalton. Therefore 100% of all hydrolyzate is of a molecular weight lower than 3000 Daltons with + 50% which are characterized by oligopeptides.
Keep in mind that whey proteins generally present 70% or more of proteins with a molecular weight of over 10,000 Daltons. This will particularly affect in terms of rapid digestibility and absorption. In fact, the di and tripeptides cross the apical membrane by means of the pepT1 transporter, H + dependent (cotransport) making themselves even faster thanks to this "preferential" lane.

500 grams
Nutrition facts  
Serving size (30 g)
Servings per container 16
 Per 100 gPer 30 g (2 scoops)
Energy1795 kJ / 424 kcal538 kJ / 127 kcal
Fats< 0,5 g< 0,5 g
of which saturates0,2 g0,1 g
Carbohydrate6,9 g2,1 g
of which sugars0,8 g0,3 g
Protein90 g27 g
Salt2,5 g0,76 g
Ingredients: hydrolysed salmon protein (ProGo®), flavourings, sweetener: sucralose.
Amino acid profile per 100 g of protein (ProGo®)
Aspartic acid
Glutamic acid
Histidine + Glutamine
Serine + Asparagine
Threonine + Citrulline
8,3 g
7,2 g
9,1 g
0,4 g
13,7 g
15,6 g
2,1 g
2,9 g
5,6 g
6,8 g
2,5 g
3,4 g
7,3 g
3,98 g
3 g
0,5 g
2 g
3,8 g
How to use: add 2 scoops (30 g) in 300/400 ml of water and take once a day.