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ACAI 500 - 90 tabs
ACAI 500 - 90 tabs
Product Code: 100-57-1445597-20 UNS

ACAI 500 - 90 tabs

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ACAI 500 - is a dietary supplement in the form of tablets, containing concentrated 12: 1 Acai berry extract (Euterpe oleracea), with an exceptionally high content of microelements, antioxidants and omega acids.

It is recommended for health-conscious people and physically active people.


- Supports immune processes.
- It has a beneficial effect on eyesight due to the high content of carotenoids.
- Has a positive effect on the condition of the skin.
- By causing a feeling of satiety, it allows you to limit the amount of calories consumed, thus supporting the weight loss process.

Acai berries, known as the "secret of longevity", are among the relatively recently discovered "treasures of the Amazonian forests". The unique properties of blueberries have been appreciated by the indigenous people of the Amazon for generations. Due to the high nutritional value of the berries, they were able to survive the periods when Acai was the only source of food.

Acai berries contain as much as 60% of monounsaturated fatty acids (including 52% of oleic acid) and 11% of polyunsaturated fatty acids (including 12% of linoleic acid). And the share of unsaturated fatty acids is over 28%. The fruit is rich in fat-soluble vitamins (a and E) and B vitamins, as well as in minerals (magnesium, zinc, selenium, silicon, molybdenum). The proteins present in Acai have a high biological value, because they contain all the essential amino acids necessary for the proper functioning of the body, in the recommended proportions. The dietary fiber content is high in relation to the low content of simple sugars.


The action of Acai berries is due to the high content of antioxidant substances, which affects their high antioxidant potential, i.e. the ability to eliminate free radicals from the body, which are the cause of civilization diseases and the main cause of aging. To determine the value of the antioxidant potential of organic compounds, the ORAC index (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is used, which reflects the ability of antioxidant substances to absorb reactive oxygen species, otherwise known as the antioxidant capacity. The ORAC value of a given product is directly proportional to the polyphenol content. For example, the ORAC value for blueberries is 4200, cherries 2100, blackberries 5100, and for acai berries - 18,400. Due to such a high antioxidant potential, acai berries are an excellent "scavenger" of free radicals from the body.

Nutritional information
Active ingredients                                                     Amount in the recommended daily dose (1 tablet)
Acai berry extract (12: 1)                                          500 mg
Ingredients                                                               Acai berry extract 12: 1 (Euterpe oleracea), bulking                                                                                   agent: cellulose, rice starch, anti-caking agents:                                                                                         magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide.
Number of servings                                                 90